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April 07, 2014

Disadvantages of freelancer.com

Here are some disadvantages of freelancer.com that I know and that's why I want to share this with you I am just sharing the facts that are related to freelancer.com and

the troubles that the freelancers faces with freelancer.com.

1. Credit card Verification
Freelancer.com charge a $25 fee for credit card verification. This means when you verify your credit card for payments, $25 will be deducted from your credit card. If there is not enough amount in your card, your payment method will not be verified. On the other hand, In elance, if you use payoneer as your payment method in elance, than there is no need to pay anything for setting your payment method. Just link your payoneer account with your elance account and done. Read my post about how to link payoneer account with your elance account?
2. Skill tests fee 
Almost all freelancing websites provide skills test for freelancers to enhance their profile, their efficiency and trust. Freelancer.com charge a fee of $5 per test. While in elance, these tests are free of charge. You don't need to pay a penny for these skill tests.

3. Working conditions and payments
In freelancer.com, escrow protection for payments is not available. While elance provide a secure escrow system. You are thinking that what is escrow system? According to escrow system, If you get a project, you can ask your employer to first deposit all the payment in elance account and than you start work. When you completes the work successfully, your payment will be transferred from elance to your account. In this way your payment is secured during your work. This system is unavailable in freelancer.com and Odesk but available in elance
However Your employer can set a milestone for the project instead of depositing full amount. A mile stone is an advanced payment that your employer is willing to deposit in freelancer.com before you start your work. But most of the employers in freelancer.com don't set milestones. So if you want to work with freelancer.com, than only accept the jobs with milestones.
If you completes the job ( Job without the milestone ) according to the demand of your employer but the employer is not willing to pay you, freelancer.com will do nothing for you. But in elance, if such a situation is created, elance will look at your work and evaluate whether you completed the work as promised. If you have, you get paid. There is no chance for scammers in elance due to their secure payment and working conditions.

4. Freelancer.com fee deduction system
Freelancer.com is the only website that deduct a fee of 10% of your earning per project from your account before you are getting paid. This means if you get a job of $200, you completed the job but the employer is a scammer and you don't get paid, you still have to pay $20 (10%) commission to freelancer.com. If you have not enough money in your account, you will get stuck with the debt of $20 and your account will have a negative balance of -$20 and will be deducted automatically when you have $25 in your account. 
If you set milestones, and when you receive your first milestone, freelancer.com will deduct commissions on each milestone. But elance deducts their fee after you are getting paid. 

5.Freelancer.com. An Ideal place for scammers 
Due to unavailability of escrow system, freelancer.com becomes an ideal place for scammers. There is huge number of scammers here at freelancer.com because they are more successful here as compared to any other freelancing website due to its insecure payment system.
So in my opinion, elance is the best platform for freelancers due to escrow protected payments and other advantages over freelancer.com.

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If you have some additional information regarding this topic, please comment and tell me. I will welcome your suggestions. You can contact me Here

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